Home restaurant

Home restaurant

What is this?

The comfort of a private home furnished with the knowledge of an experienced chef – this is how to picture a home restaurant to yourself. There is a white tablecloth but no stress. There is a culinary experience but no waiters in dress-suits. There is candlelight and romance but not many tables. It can be done with strangers or acquaintances. It can be done in small groups or large groups… But always exactly according to the customers’ needs and wishes.

Who is it for?

  • Who can feel at home quickly and easily in other people’s home
  • Who like to visit others
  • Who have been willing to experience the vibe of a home restaurant for a long time
  • Who want something new
  • Who are happy to share the table even with people they don’t know

How much does it cost?

There are no fixed prices because we work them out individually according to the needs of the customer and the number of the group, involving the client.


+36 30 250 3229

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