What is this?

Every kitchen is a good kitchen. The small one is just as exciting, as the big one that is spacious and well equipped. Cooking is possible everywhere. During my „wandering”-years I prepared food at the most extreme locations. It has happened that I was frying chips in the staircase of a block of flats in Budapest, because that was the only option. I find my place everywhere.

Who is it for?

  • Who have a desire for the high-standard courses of a restaurant but would like to consume these in a unique environment
  • Who are looking for a new and special gastronomic experience
  • Who like to give somebody the surprise of gastronomic experiences
  • Who have always been dreaming about an own chef cooking in their kitchen

How much does it cost?

There are no fixed prices because we work them out individually according to the needs of the customer and the number of the group, involving the client.


+36 30 250 3229

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