Since finishing vocational school I knew that this profession can be learnt properly only by „wandering” from restaurant to restaurant. Throughout my career I have worked in numerous restaurants covering the capital from Váci Street to Rózsadomb. Many of these places do not even exist today. I worked in Zsiráf Restaurant, Catedra, Calvin Café, Club Seven, Rózsadomb Center, Lugas Restaurant and Kheiron.

I learnt a lot from the American chef, James McLure, with whom I have worked with for years in Goa on Andrássy Street. I have also been extremely impressed by Viktor Segal; we worked together for 2 years. I have run several restaurants so far, e.g. Abszint, Fat Mama Eatery and Kőleves.

At some point I had a drink with one of my ex-chefs and I said to him: „I have no idea what kind of kitchen would be the one where I would be happy to settle down and cook there until the rest of my life.” He looked into my eyes and simply said: „That kitchen will be you!"

17 years have passed since our conversation and the thought – what he had already known at that time - has become mature inside me by now: a flat, a table and an open-minded group of friends looking for special experiences – this is me.

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